Thursday, December 01, 2011

Fun Run... Run for Fun

I love running... it gives me a sense of well-being, keeps me coordinated as I try to breathe to the cadence of my strides, excites me as my heart beats faster, and at the same time calms me and allows me time to reflect and be grateful for the life I have and the health I enjoy well enough to be able to run. 

Much as I enjoy my solitary morning runs, nothing beats running in the company of family and friends. That is why I was so excited with this special first ever fun run organized by the Unida Church to celebrate its 80th anniversary in 2012. My daughter Hannah and I registered for the 5K event, while my son Jeriel joined the 3K event. My son Moji was with the registration staff, while hubby Mel was our support aide and photographer. My brother Benjie entered the 8K, while my sis-in-law Sol and their son Sam joined the 3K, my younger sister Rachel also registered for the 3K... many of our church family joined too, making this truly a family fun run for all of us.

We started out early, waking before 3:00am on race day, prepped and left the house at 4:00am. It was still dark when we reached CCP complex and we parked across Liwasang Ullalim, where the race organizers setup their tents. We milled around, greeting friends, church mates and acquaintances from other churches.
L-R: Jeriel, Hannah, Me, Pastor Rich, Danny & Baby Bethany
We checked-in for our events and waited for assembly time. They grouped us according to our events... the 8K runners were wearing red race bibs, the 5K runners had blue bibs, and the 3K runners had green bibs with some wearing red as they ran out of green bibs due to the huge turnout of 3K runners. It was a well-attended event.
We were opened in prayer by Unida General Secretary Rev. Jarvin Resus, given a short inspirational message by Unida General Superintendent Rev. Benoni Hernandez, and last-minute instructions by the race organizers. Then it was a 6:00am gun start for the 8K runners... followed 10 minutes after by us, 5K runners, then another 10 minute wait before the 3K runners were off...
5K Runners
3K Runners

Here I am at the finish line... proud of my finisher's certificate at my first ever fun run. My unofficial time was 43mins, but our race route was 6K long, so I'm happy with that. And though we finished at different times, it was fun running with family and friends. It was a hugely successful event with runners from all over, not just Metro Manila but from Bulacan, Cavite and Laguna as well.

I'm looking forward to my next fun run. Meanwhile, I will continue running to keep fit and enjoy the many benefits of this fun exercise.