Thursday, March 01, 2012

Chef Babylyn's Kumedor ~ Once More

I had been wanting to come back to Chef Babylyn's Kumedor to try out their other dishes... and bring the whole family so we can order more items on the menu. Opportunity came at the annual First Fruit Festival of the Unida Church held at the Unida Christian Center in Biga, Silang, Cavite. We attend this thanksgiving celebration yearly with our church family, together with other Unida churches around the country.

Lunchtime came and our family headed towards Kumedor.  I had been recounting to them how I enjoyed the food there and hoped they would like it too.  We settled down at a table near the glass panes looking out into the parking lot and the highway.

Seems like the Vietnamese Fresh Spring Roll is a favorite, so we ordered that for our appetizer. Fresh carrots, cucumber, shrimps, vermicelli, lettuce, mint and coriander, wrapped in rice paper and served with a special peanut sauce. P90.

From the All Time Filipino Favorites section of the menu, we tried their Pork Sinigang. A tamarind based sour soup made of pork and filipino native vegetables. P220.

And for fish we ordered Binukadkad na Plapla, seasoned fish, floured then deep fried and served with sweet soy sauce, mango and pineapple dips. P290.

From their China's Favorites menu, we decided to try the Hong Kong Fried Chicken, marinated in soy sauce and several Chinese spices, fried and served with hoisin sauce. P210, regular half.

For noodles, we chose from Thailand's Favorites, Phad Thai. Stir fried noodles with eggs, fish sauce, tamarind juice, peanuts, beansprouts, plus a combination of chicken, shrimp and tofu. P230.

Too bad they were out of Taro shakes, so I ordered a refreshing Ripe Mango Shake. P115.

It was a satisfying lunch for the whole family, enjoying good food with light banter.  What dishes did my kids like the most?  The Vietnamese Spring Rolls, the Pork Sinigang and the Phad Thai noodles were a hit... but the rest of the fare was good too.  We certainly would love to come back for more.
Chef Babylyn's Kumedor is located along Aguinaldo Hiway, Biga I, Silang, Cavite. Phone number: 046-4022361