Monday, May 21, 2012

Wonder Island Resort

We heard about Wonder Island from a friend who went there a few weeks ago, and having a free Saturday because of a cancelled activity, we decided to go on a day trip. We browsed their website for details, and reading that it was strictly by reservation only, I called the very next day and booked for 2 only, since our kids had other activities for that day. Luckily, our daughter Sarah was free too and she wanted to come with us, so I called to inform them that there was another person coming with us.

The trip to Calamba took longer than usual, because of the slow traffic at the SLEX toll plaza. Then we took a couple of wrong turns before we finally reached the pier where the ferry driver from Wonder Island was patiently waiting for us. A welcome banner hung at the gate with my name on it... cool~

It was just a seven-minute boat ride to the island... so we sat ourselves in the front rows of the ferry and enjoyed the ride.

Wonder Island Resort is built on a two-hectare island in Laguna De Bay and can easily be reached by a 7-minute ferry ride from Palingon aplaya in Calamba, Laguna. Their day trip costs P840 per person and includes use of the resort's warm spring pools, set lunch, morning and afternoon snacks, and ferry to and from the pier to the island.

Arriving at the island, they welcomed us with a refreshing glass of iced tea and set us up at a table beside the covered pools. The waters of the pools were warm, clear and inviting... and there were only a few guests around so we had a couple of pools just to ourselves~

After a while, our morning snack was served... a huge saucer of bibingka topped with salted egg and butter with freshly grated coconut on the side.
Having had my fill of the heavy snack, which none of us were able to finish, I decided to stroll around and see the other areas on the island.

Wonder Island Resort reception/store
Recessed picnic table
More picnic tables by the dock
Benches to the promenade
This way to the other areas
The chapel at the top of the hill
One of the pavilions for huge gatherings
Spacious grounds for team building and camping
Lovely bougainvilleas line the pathway
A helipad at the end of the pathway

My daughter came looking for me... 

So we went back to enjoy the pools. Lunchtime came and we were served a sumptuous meal of fried chicken, sinigang na bangus, tortang talong, steamed rice and bananas. We rested after lunch, enjoying the cool breezes of the lake. For our afternoon snack, they served us turong saging with langka, so yummy~

Very soon, it was time to go... we decided to go to the promenade and take more pictures before we took the ferry back to the pier.
The promenade
Boat used for the breakfast cruise
View of the resort from the promenade
Admiring Mt. Makiling
Funky daughter
Happy at the end of the day
It was an overall wonderfully relaxing day trip to Wonder Island Resort... warm spring water pools, well-maintained facilities, good food and excellent service. I would love to come back here and bring all the kids with us.

Wonder Island Resort
Booking Office : 211 Rizal Street Calamba City, Laguna

Manila Line : (02) 520-8556
Mobile No : +63 923-674-3218
Email Address :
Telephone No : (049) 545-1766 / (049) 545-6491 / (049) 545-6492
Telefax : (049) 545-6491 / (02) 520-8556
* For inquiries and reservation, use the above information to contact us. The reservation office is open from MONDAY to SATURDAY at 8:00am till 5:00pm (Philippine Local Time).