Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Namaste ~ A Taste of India

Having lived in the Middle East for some 10 years, I've had the opportunity to meet people of different nationalities and taste different cuisines.  And as there are a lot of Indian expatriates over there, it is no wonder that Indian restaurants abound.

Indian cuisine has a distinct flavor which I like, and my palate craves for it every once in a while. So when my friend invited me for food tasting at an Indian restaurant, I readily accepted.

Namaste... in Sanskrit means "I bow to you" ... a friendly Indian greeting or salutation when individuals meet, usually accompanied by a slight bow with hands pressed together in front of the chest.  
Namaste is small restaurant at the corner of Kensington Place, 1st Ave. cor. 29th St., Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. It is not difficult to find and one can park either at Kensington or Burgos Circle parking building.

Upon entering it's doors, one can note the artistic beadwork decorating the walls, which lends an Indian ambiance...

We were first served with  Strawberry Lassi... a sweetened yogurt drink flavored with milk and strawberry.  This was refreshingly cool and delicious.

Next came our appetizers... 

Aloo patties... stuffed potatoes with a crunchy crust and a delicate filling.  I enjoyed this dish very much!

Chicken Tikka... grilled tender skinless chicken marinated in a blend of ginger, garlic and yogurt.
Tikka dips... brown tamarind sauce and green coriander sauce.
Tikka platter...potatoes and cauliflower in the colors of the Indian flag

My plate... chicken tikka, aloo patty and a green potato

Then came our main entrees... I loved each one of them. Surprisingly, all were delicately flavored and the spices were not overpowering at all, but giving that unique Indian taste that makes you crave for more.

Vegetable Makhanwala... fresh vegetable cooked with creamy gravy and flavored spice & butter

Chicken Biryani... chicken cooked with special Indian rice and flavored spices

Chicken Kadai... boneless chicken cooked with fresh tomatoes, onions & bell pepper sauce
Vegetable Kolhapuri... fresh vegetable cooked with thick gravy, flavored spice, ginger and garlic.

Garlic naan... nice warm soft and chewy, similar to pita bread but fluffier... brushed with oil and garlic bits... excellent with the saucy dishes!

For dessert... Gulab Jamun, cheese ball dipped in sugar syrup. Surprisingly not too sweet, it tasted like moist spongy pastillas de leche.

It was an overall excellent dining experience for me and I've learned to appreciate Indian cuisine even more. They have a lot of other dishes in their menu and I hope to come back and try each one of them. Namaste, indeed, is the place to go if you're craving for good Indian food.

Namaste Indian Cuisine is located at Unit 1A Kensington Place, 1st Ave. corner 29th St., Burgos Circle, Crescent Park West, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City.


  1. I'm not really familiar with Indian cuisine, but I'd love to try it. This post is really enticing and I'll be sure to visit Namaste when I'm in the area. But for now, since Taguig is a really long drive away from my place 'cause I live in the CAMANAVA area, do you have any recommendation for Indian food (somewhere in QC/Pasig/Pasay/Manila)? :)

    Btw, following your blog now. Hope you can visit mine. Thanks!

  2. Hi Sumi... thanks for dropping by. Yes, I've just visited your blog and I'm following you.

    If by any chance you are in the Makati area, Swagat Indian Cuisine in Legaspi Village is also owned by Ms. Komal, owner of Namaste.

    Let's ask other foodies for recommendations in the areas you've mentioned... maybe we can have an Indian food trip!