Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Goto Me ~ My Favorite Snack Cart

Monday is the busiest weekday for me.  It's the day I schedule my errands for the week... take the dirty clothes to the laundry, go to the bank, pay the bills, buy stuff that we forgot to buy or were not available at our regular grocery, and other things that need taking care of. But that's what I love about Mondays~  I get to go out by myself... meet people, greet the lavandera, the bank tellers, the shopkeepers... do some personal shopping, even try out different snacks.

I often go to Cherry Foodarama in Masinag, Antipolo for my Monday morning "extra groceries" shopping. I love going there... browsing the supermarket aisles and finding products that are new in the market... and when I get hungry, I try out the different snack carts available there... burgers, shawarma, noodles, panini, hotdogs, wafles, dimsum... and my favorite snack cart~ Goto Me!
Mel tagged along last Monday when I took the dirty clothes to the laundry and went to Cherry to buy some stuff. So I invited him to have a snack at my favorite snack cart. The counter was full so we sat at the table in front of the cart. Mel ordered the Combo 2: Goto special + Lumpia + Orange Juice, P60... a real deal! I ordered Plain Lugaw, P18 and Fried Tokwa P20.

The Goto Special is a medium-sized bowl of lugaw (congee) with half a boiled egg, shredded chicken meat & goto (beef tripe) strips, and bits of fried  garlic and spring onion.

The Lumpia (spring roll) is deep-fried in oil and they only fry it upon ordering, so the wrapper is crisp to the bite.

And there's spicy chili vinegar to dip the lumpia in.
Mel's combo meal~

My snack was a small bowl of plain lugaw sprinkled with fried chopped garlic and spring onion. I love their soupy lugaw... even if it didn't have any meat in it, it was flavorful... just right for a light snack.

Compared to Mel's bowl of lugaw, mine was just about two-thirds the size of his.

I love their fried tokwa (tofu) too... also deep-fried upon ordering, delicately crisp on the outside and soft in the center... with a salty-sweet-sour sauce of soy sauce, vinegar and onions.

It is the perfect pair for my plain lugaw.

And so for P98, I had a lovely snack date with my husband at my favorite snack cart~ inexpensive, yet deliciously satisfying!

Goto Me also offers rice meals. Their Dinuguan (pork blood stew) is good... I sometimes order that and take it home for lunch. They also have a new viand, Bopis (sauteed pork lungs and heart), which I have yet to try.

Goto Me is located at the ground floor of Cherry Foodarama, Masinag, Antipolo City.


  1. I suddenly miss goto. When I visit the Philippines, I sure will binge on Pinoy food. ^_^

  2. I love goto! The one we frequent is Mang Jose's Goto in Hypermart. :)

  3. wow Eastern girl ka din ang galeng haha I've heard of Cherry Foodarama but I haven't been there...ako din, I suddenly miss goto

  4. I'm not big on goto, but it's my perfect snack during cold and rainy days.. :)

  5. O diba ginutom ako dun? Sakto umuulan!

  6. Hi Aria, Ces, Iamadie, Sumi and kay... thanks for dropping by :)

  7. Have you tried Jose's goto? I would say thats my fave gotohan stall found in SM supermarkets. Hay. Nagutom ako dun. Hehehe.