Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Black Forest Gurt at Pancake House

I waited as my daughter Sarah renewed her driver's license at Robinsons Metro East LTO... well, not exactly waited the whole while, coz I had some errands to run on my own.  Has it been already three years since she first got her DL?  No, it's not her birthday... it's five weeks past her birthday, so she has to pay the penalty for not renewing on time :(

It was almost lunch when she finally got her DL... yey~ time to eat!  I still had a couple of Metrobank CC receipts, so we decided to go to Pancake House... yey for discounts~

I wanted to try the dish I saw on the poster outside the store... Healthy hunger-busters.  I sure hope it would make for a happier and healthier me... as the poster boasts, hahaha!

 Sarah's pasta dish... Crispy Bacon on Asparagus and Mushroom Tagliatelle.  She liked it very much... the asparagus was fresh and crisply cooked, the bacon blended well with the veggies and pasta, and the sauce was minimal and just right for whole dish.

I ordered the Healthy hunger-buster... Spicy Chicken Fillet on Brown Rice Pilaf.  It came with a garlic-mayo sauce on the side.

I was a bit disappointed with this dish.  The chicken wasn't spicy at all... I had to use their pepper sauce condiment to spice it up more.  And the brown rice pilaf was a bit too soggy to my liking, and bland too.  The only saving grace for me was the garlic-mayo... great tasting sauce!

Now for the best part... we ordered a Black Forest Gurt... frozen yogurt with huge brownie fudge bits, cherries in syrup and chocolate sprinkles... a real delight to the senses!!!  The fudge was so chewy and chocolatey... the cherries in syrup were delicious and everything went well with the creamy sweet and slightly tart frozen yogurt... best I've ever tasted!!!

I would love to come back to Pancake House to try other Gurts flavors...


  1. ayun, i found the follow button na!

  2. Thanks Thirdy... yea, the follow button doesn't show up sometimes. I often have problems too posting comments... the visual confirmation doesn't appear so I can't key-in the correct word to match the image :(
    I'll go and view your blog soon :)

  3. wow, looks yummy, everytime we eat sa pancake, steak lang inoorder ko, next time i will definitely try this dessert!

  4. How was the froyo? Aside from Teriyaki boy froyo, ayan na lang yung hindi ko pa nattry.hehe. :P

  5. Hi taritz... thanks for dropping by :)

    Hi michymoo... I think the black forest frozen yogurt was the best part of our meal! It was really good... I liked the fudge chunks best, and the cherries in syrup was also good. Compared to Teriyaki Boy's Yogato, I think the froyo itself has the same taste and quality... it was the add-ons that had me :)

  6. love their homestyle bangus, choco chip or blueberry pancakes and classic spag!

  7. I haven't tried Pancake House's frozen yogurts yet, but that Black Forest Gurt looks yummy! :) Will definitely try it and the other frozen yogurts when I eat at Pancake House next time.

  8. It's nice to know that they don't scrimp on the ingredients for their yogurts. Am now tempted to try one. Thanks for sharing! :)

    By the way, I followed your blog. I have my own food adventures as well that you might like. :)