Monday, September 05, 2011

Sacramento Adventure - Day 2

Reposting from my old blogsite...
September 14, 2008

As usual, I woke at 6:00 am hoping to catch Mel and the kids online.  I brought the EeePc with me so I could download pictures from the camera and create space for more pictures.  Kay had wifi at their home so I was also able to connect to the internet and chat with Mel for a few minutes.  We were going to church later that morning, so I had to get ready for that.  Elai was coming over too and going to church with us.

Kay was in the kitchen with youngest child Trisha making chocolate chip pancakes.  I helped out by pouring the batter into the pan while Trisha put in chocolate chips.  Trisha turned 8 on September 12 and Kay was celebrating her birthday today, September 14… double celebration!  We chatted while pouring and flipping pancakes.  Soon we had breakfast ready.  Elai came and sat down with us for breakfast.

Worship at Vintage Park Community Church starts at 10:45 in the morning.  We got there just before the service started.  They have a good praise and worship band, with a violin player.  Pasto Mahood delivered a convicting message about how Satan is Alive and Well, based on Genesis 3:1-6.


After the worship service, Kay had to take the kids to a photo shoot, so I went with Elai to have lunch at her brother-in-law’s home.  Joshua was there with brother Roy, wife Bernie, Bernie’s mother and a family friend.  Roy’s daughter Marissa is Trisha’s classmate and best friend.  She is Trisha’s special guest for her birthday celebration that afternoon.  We were to meet up with Kay and family at John’s Incredible Pizza at Roseville at around 3:00 pm.

It was fun at John’s Incredible Pizza that afternoon.  We had all-you-can-eat pizza, pasta and salad.  There was an arcade area where the kids played in between bites of pizza and pasta.  We adults just enjoyed talking to each other while pigging out on the sumptuous fare.  Pretty soon it was time to go.


Back at Kay’s house, the celebration was not over yet.  Kay had still her birthday candle to blow.  Bobby got her a Macapuno Pandan cake from Red Ribbon.  With candle lighted, we all sang “Happy Birthday” then Kay blew out the flame on the lone candle.  The cake was really good, it was the first time I tasted that flavor.  I made a mental note of that and look it up when I get to Manila.  Of course the event would not be complete without me taking pictures to document this joyous occasion.


This ends the second day of my Sacramento adventure.  Monday morning I rode with Kay and she dropped me off at the Amtrak station on her way to work.  The ride back to Fremont was as exhilarating as the ride to Sacramento, and once again I took lots of photos along the way.


Next… my adventure in the city of angels, Los Angeles, CA.

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