Monday, September 12, 2011

Remembering Sangko Ben

Today, September 12, is my Dad's birthday and as a tribute to him, I am posting this letter sent by his brother Mon of Fremont, CA.  Thanks, Tito Mon for this heart-warming tribute to Dad~

Hello Family,

Tomorrow September 12 would have been Sangko's 87th birthday, 6 years (next month) ago when he was called to God's glory.

For those 4th and fifth generation who did not have the benefit of knowing Sangko Ben, i would want to put here some highlights and glimpses of his life worth remembering and emulating.

Sangko Ben was the middle child (we are 7 and 3 had already joined God's army) of Bishop Julio and Guillerma Teodoro.  

Sangko Ben throughout all his 81 years on earth have devoted his life in the service of the Lord; i consider him a visionary as he was the only Unida member who was able to visualize and put into reality a Trust Fund for Unida Ministers, benefiting countless Unida Pastors & bishops' families since the Fund was put up in the early 70's (Sangko's children should correct me if i did not put in the right year); later on, he likewise conceived and put up Fund for the Deacons and Deaconesses, and one other fund or funds that i could not recall - so Benjie/Miriam/Chell pls help);
Unida Church Board of Directors 1974

he initiated Fund-raising campaigns such as the first concert of the Madrigal Singers at the JATMC Church; the proceeds of the concert became the seed money for the Bishop Julio M. Teodoro Memorial Foundation which he likewise envisioned and put into operation; the Foundation since its inception in the sixties has been helping Unida members who have the calling to become ministers of our beloved church. Sangko was so generous in giving to the Church that he loved and cherished so much.

In the business field (Sangko was a CPA and a Lawyer by profession); he was a Partner at Guzman Bocaling for many many years, and later on, became the firm's managing partner and owner.

Sangko garnered several awards, the most notable was being named as PICPA's (Philippine Institute of CPAs) Most Distinguished PICPA member sometime in the 80s), because of his work as a Professor of Income taxation and his several writings on Taxation in the PICPA journal.

In the educational field (in High School), Sangko was awarded the Most Distinguished Alumnus when his Class Year was honored during their 50th golden anniversary.

Sangko Ben as a son was an obedient, caring, and loving son; while still single and already gainfully employed, he'd seen to it that he helped Tatay and Nanay financially; one of the reasons our parents was able to send 7 children to college and by the grace of God, everyone was able to finish our respective careers;

Sangko Ben as a brother was a loving and caring brod; he would take care of our grooming needs such as pomade and providing as with Skin Bracer (still in the market); he would always remind us (especially Willy and myself, medyo tipo kaming lakuatsero ni Tito/Lolo Willy) to study hard; he was a role model to myself and Tito Willy, as we followed his footsteps to become CPAs); he likewise helped Tito/Lolo Willy got his first employment at the then People Bank & Trust Co.; he was the one who coached me in my interview with the Comtrust Exec. VP, which likewise helped me got my first employment at Comtrust. 

To Sangko Ben, you have lived a full life, having dedicated your life to God faithfully; you have been a faithful servant, and you were not only trustworthy to a few but to many.  You have earned many times your place in heaven.

To God be the glory, you are worthy to be remembered and emulated.

Your loving brother - Mon

Response from my sister Rachel... Thanks, Chell~

Dear Tito,

Thank you for the touching words.  Yes, aside from the Unida Ministers' Trust Fund, Daddy also spearheaded the Unida Deaconesses Welfare Fund  and the Unida Workers' Sickness Benefit Fund.  He also received the ACPAPP (Association of CPAs in Public Practice) Lifetime Achievement Award in the latter part of 2004, but it was already us, his children, who received the award in his behalf as he was already sick at that time.

Sadly, when he passed away, Guzman, Bocaling & Co. was dissolved, but we have decided to keep his legacy by putting up a new partnership and naming it Pelayo Teodoro Santamaria & Co. (keeping the Teodoro name as a tribute to Daddy).

Daddy also taught us to be faithful in tithing and giving to the church.  I will always remember his words of wisdom, that some Directorio members still remember - "You have not yet given until it hurts."  He was a member of the Unida Board of Directors, member of the Finance Committee (one of the original members of that Committee) and Auditor General for many years, painstakingly preparing the yearly budget of the National Church.

We surely miss him and we thank the Lord for how He has blessed us through Daddy.

Ariel and Rachel

Another letter arrived today from our dear Uncle Lito, younger brother of Dad... Thanks!

Dear Family,
I'd like to jump in here remembering Sanko Ben, the fourth child of Guillerma Domingo & Bishop Julio del Mundo Teodoro. He was not only a forthright, upright but also an ethical person. He had the passion to serve God and had love for his family. He contributed in the overall enhancement not only to the immediate community but to the whole country as a whole. He did such not just by having elevated the practice of public accounting but also by teaching the concepts and principles of accounting to his students in Far Eastern University as well as in FEATI (I stand corrected on this).We were already in Charleston, West Virginia when he wrote a designation gift to me on my birthday on 2 January, 1989 on the book that he co-authored with Hector S. De Leon, entitled, THE LAW ON INCOME TAXATION, published & distrbuted by REX BOOK STORE (1987 Edition). Rightly so, that book from his point of authorship was dedicated to and I quote, "In loving memory of our parents, JULIO M. TEODORO and GUILLERMA D. TEODORO of Manila and Marilao, Bulacan. I said that he was forthright. In my personal conversation with Sanko Ben he said that one time he was offered by KAKA IBIONG (DON TORIBIO M. TEODORO) a position in the Financial Management Office at Ang Tibay. Kaka IBIONG told him (Sanko Ben) that his salary will go direct to him (Sanko). Sanko told Kaka IBIONG that if accepts the offer he would rather that the salary goes direct to Guzman-Bocaling and in turn the latter will be the one to distribute the renumeration to Sanko Ben. In that setting, Sanko will be working part of his time at Ang Tibay and his other time with Guzman-Bocaling.
I echo all those tributes that were already referred to by Tito Mon. Mon, you did great in your presentation.  May, I add that Sanko Ben was instrumental in spearheading the nomination of our Mother---GULLIERMA DOMINGO TEODORO of Marilao, Bulacan)---as Mother of the Year at Far Eastern University. It became a reality. Our Mother was so honored in a ceremony that took place when all her children were there in attendance to witness the great event for the whole family.
In summary, he not only love his family but also the Church evidenced by the retirement funds he instituted---far-reaching visionary measures---for Unida Church. He certainly was ahead of his time. Sanko, we will continue to love you and think of you. At this juncture, let me make a comment that I'm sure our late Sanko Ben and Insong Lydia (Lydia Velasquez Teodoro, the Widow of  the late Benjamin Domingo Teodoro, Esq.) will agree with me. For all the medical management and treatment, personal and otherwise delivered by our late Cousin-in-law, Antonio T Tiongson, MD, we---The JUL-EMAN TEODORO---are forever grateful to the Household of Our Cousin, Josefina de Jesus Teodoro-Tiongson. We have long memory.
With all our love,
Eliza Gaces & Julio D (Julito/Lito/Ted) Teodoro, Jr, MD
Charleston, WV

Letter sent on October 2 by my brother Benjie... Dad's death anniversary is on October 14... Thanks Kuya~!

Dear Family,
Thank you for sharing memories about dad. I remember him as an upright person who cares for the needs of his family. Let me share with you some of them.
As a kid, I knew him to be a strict father. I remember one time when I had an accident with my bike. I was high school then. I hit someone which required medical attention. He got mad at me but in the end, he paid the medical bills.  
When I was already working, I had a problem in the office at that time. Because of my impression that he was strict, I had second thoughts of approaching him. But I had no one to turn to. I told my problem to dad. To my surprise, he didn't scold me, but gave me good advice.
I was working at Solid Bank then when I decided to study accounting in FEU. That was 1980. A year before I took the Board, in 1983, he advised me to resign from my job and concentrate on the review. His reason was that it's easier to look for a better job if you are a CPA. I did just that and I passed the CPA Board. So when I passed, what he did was he drafted an application letter which I signed addressed to the HR of each OBUs. I got two replies: Chase Manhattan and Citibank. Of course I chose Citi. That's how I entered Citibank. Looking back, it was as if dad planned my education and employment it all along.
I was rank and file at Citi. There came a time when Ernie and Carlette, my bosses, approached me offering me a promotion to officer. I was asked to decide.I was unionized at that time and I need advice. So, I asked dad. You know what he adviced? That offer may never come again. Accept it. A year later, I got married to Sol who was then a junior officer at Interbank. I never regretted that decison (to be an officer and to get married).
He had helped me financially and in so many ways. I remember that night before I got married. He called me in his room with mom. He talked to me about responsibilities of being married. I never expected that he will give me someting but then to my surprise, he handed me a check as a wedding gift. When I was builidng our house in Paranaque, he also helped me as I was short of funds at that time.
There are more stories about him but I will always remember him as a loving and caring father who extended help and advise whenever we need it.


  1. Aww. How sweet of you, ate Miriam. BTW, I think you look like your dad. ;)